The Hidden Plot


"I turned my ear to trees. I found no heroes. Instead, living memories of trees, manifest in their songs, tells of life’s community, a net of relations. We humans belong within this conversation, as blood kin and incarnate members. To listen is therefore to hear our voices and those of our family"

David George Haskell

In almost all natural systems lies an underneath plot. Under the sea, under the trees, even under our skin. This invisible net connects living organisms in a similar way internet nowadays sometimes connects human beings. It is not casual that the patterns of this web usually form ramifications, like neurons, like veins, like roots or like the internet itself. This is a mechanism which is the result of thousands of years of evolution, in which if one branch fails, the network can still survive.

The rainforest is widely connected below the surface. Roots and fungi combine to form mycorrhizal symbiosis in underneath connections. This way trees communicate and collaborate with each other, in almost a poetic way, with their own atemporal language, all down below and unseen. They provide nutrients and growing substances to one another, they alert themselves when dangers are around. Even some species will “help” their own species more than other species and even more their offspring. When we look at the forest we see bold strong great and powerful trees and leaves, but we don´t see the hidden web that supports it. They elegantly show their silent majestic bodies and leaves with discrete authenticity which are in part the result of the hidden plot.

This associations talk to us about how important it is to nourish relationships even in unseen or unspoken ways. We learn from Nature to weave nets that support us to grow strong and healthy. Sometimes unseen connections like gestures or looks or jokes or even internet chatting are the strongest builders of bonds and also of emotionally powerful human beings.

Glass is a translucid , fragile and also strong material. It has been used for years to preserve and protect, our houses and our food. Nature itself is as strong as fragile nowadays. This is why it is urgent to develop a hidden human plot for the preservation of our natural resources.

My intention in this art project is to photograph leaves, seeds and branches, which would be the visible part of the hidden plot and transfer this images to glass, so as to preserve the. These are molded in the kiln to support the idea of Nature´s ondulated, branched connections. The idea is to form an installation of 15 pieces layed side by side on a white base. My intention is to bring awareness of the current environmental situation and get people involved with the idea that we must protect our environment.

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